Real Crime Figures



Two sets of very diverging crime statistics were published recently. One from the Deputy Internal Security Minister Mohd Johari Baharum, and the other from the Federal CID Director Christopher Wan, a police man.

Johari stated earlier that crime index in KL Sentul district in the first term of the year had soared by 90%, by snatch thefts going up by a whopping 693%.

Christopher Wan contradicted by saying that the crime index for the first quater in Sentul had increased by only 10.1% while snatch thefts dropping by 36.6%.

Since both sources came from two of the most highly intelligent departments of the Malaysian government, one can only conclude that one of them is wrong, and the wrong was not due to mistake but rather manipulation, intentionally misleading or pure blatant lying.

Statistics aside, and to cut the short story long, it is a fact that police is under performing. To be more specific, and to ask more straight forward questions, why have all those night clubs which had drugs, gangsterism, statutory rape and other illegal activities apprehended by police remain open and not close down by the police? Why are these clubs still in business? Are the police chiefs, OCPD, CPO blind? Or would it be unreasonable and wrong for people to think that perhaps a structured and institutionalised police force is sharing these illegal profit with criminals?

The real crime figures can be manipulated by the police, or anyone for that matter. It is more important for the public to ask what are the reasons which compel the police to do that?

Was it due to the shame for unable to fight crime effectively? Or was it because they want to paint a beautiful picture for the public? Or was it because they want to protect someone or something from scrutiny? An army of bent cops or bandits perhaps?

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