Beggar's Chicken and I

My friend Boon Hooi took this picture of me during the Ijok by-election when i was having the local delicacy the "beggar's chicken" with some friends. On my left was Gooi Hsiao Leung my good friend and a learned and humble lawyer.

At the time, the town was filled with:

political tourists, accidental police,
boneless fence sitters, part-time reformists,
semi-conscious journalists, robotic FRU,
bottle throwing gangsters, dagger brandishing thugs,
murderous BN think-tanks, explosive ministers,
Triple IC phantom voters and corrupted politicians ........

So we were left with no choice but to retreat, or technically "chicken out" to this chicken place. Even then, like the film "Night of living deads", the BN hooligans were everywhere in Ijok, we met a few BN members accompanying government ministers doing what they do best here in the chicken place, i.e., "cari makan"...

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