At the Siam Wat, Bukit Selambau

It was an auspicious occasion last night. Over a dozen of representatives from Pakatan Rakyat turned up at the Siam Wat in Pekan Bukit Selambau. Muslims, Buddhists, Christians etc. Saudara YB Amiruddin, the Kedah State government Exco led the meeting with a huge group of Malaysian, mostly of Thai descent.

Heartfelt applauses filled the room when Amiruddin spoke about the plight of the downtrodden Malaysian in Bukit Selambau and Gurun, and how much Pakatan Rakyat is doing to help.

Amiruddin is a sincere man, people felt that with his Pakatan Rakyat team, so everyone sat and listen, including the kitten just born a couple of days ago at the Wat's Kitchen.

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